Wedding Tip: The Send Off

If you are a Pinterest loving bride, then you may have come across ideas for the epic grand exit or “send off”. The most popular idea being the Sparkler Exit! Over the last few years we’ve seen an increase in couples opting to do a sparkler exit as a way for guests to send off the bride and groom and end the night with a bang! However sometimes couples love the idea of a send off but don’t necessarily want to end the night quite yet. But who says you actually have to leave after the send off?! Nobody! If your reception has no official end time, consider doing a Faux Send Off, to take advantage of the fun photo op while most of your guests are still around. Then, you and you guests can dance the night away with no worries!

Another idea is to do a ceremony send off similar to the old fashion "rice throwing" tradition. This will also ensure a fun photo with guests while there is still daylight.

There are many creative ways for your guests to do a celebratory send off with you, we've seen glow sticks, flower petals, confetti, and of course...the good old fashion sparkler exit! Check out some fun send off ideas below!

Image Image Image Image Image

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