Wedding Tip: The Bouquet Delivery

I know our blog is still fairly new, but one thing you will learn pretty quick is how passionate we are about helping out brides and grooms. I’ve made it one of my personal goals to share as much as I can about what I learn throughout my time being a part of so many amazing weddings. Sometimes there are little minuscule details in the planning process that can be tweaked to help level up your wedding photography and future wedding album. I know generally most planning decisions are made thinking about what is most convenient, however, sometimes the smallest tweak can make the world of a difference.

For instance, when planning floral bouquets, your florist will generally ask where to deliver the final product; it seems like common sense to send your bouquet straight to the venue so you can grab it right before the ceremony. While yes, it is the most convenient option, when this happens, us photographers tend to have an “oh darn!” moment because we are obsessed with photographing florals with your details!

So here we are setting up your rings, shoes, jewelry and invitations to be photographed while you get ready, and we long for that floral touch; because remember…we are obsessed with flowers…we don’t know why…we just are.

What’s the solution? A simple simple simple tweak; have your bouquet delivered to your getting ready location so your photographer can do a happy dance, and you can swoon over your detail photos. This also opens up the option of really sweet photos with your bridal robe or bridal boudoir and bouquet.

Want to level up one more? Ask your florist to send a few extra pieces of loose flowers and greenery. We can use these pieces in our flat lay detail shots to create those Pinterest worthy photos!

With Love,

Rachel Ann

All Photography courtesy of ©Rachel Ann

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