Cinematic Edit

Cinematic Wedding Films are handcrafted story-driven versions of your wedding day. Wedding Films take the elements that make your wedding day unique and use them tell a story that will invoke emotion and create a long lasting memory. Our goal is to create a “cinematic film” that retells your love story for years to come.

Every Cinematic Edit comes with all day wedding coverage, legally licensed music tracks and run approximately 4 to 6 minutes. 

Collection details upon request.

Documentary Edit

Documentary Edits are the traditional style of one-angle still video coverage of key events such as Ceremony, First Dance and Speeches. This video coverage is very raw and usually for keepsake purposes only.

Length of Documentary Edits vary per wedding but most commonly run between 30 and 90 minutes.

Collection details upon request.


Cinematic Edit

We will be writing our own vows.

We will be married by a minister who knows one or both of us personally.

We will be exchanging letters before the wedding.

We will have planned speeches done by members of our wedding party.

We will have a lot of wedding activities going on.

Most of our wedding will take place at a well-lit venue with a lot of outdoor areas.

We are not afraid of being in front of a camera. 

We are okay with occasional direction from the video crew for best results.

We care more for cinematic quality and telling our story rather than length of video.

If you answered “YES” to more of these then a Cinematic Edit may be for you!
Documentary Edit

Our wedding will be short and sweet.

We will have a very small amount of guests.

Our wedding venue is special to us but isn’t well lit or camera friendly.

We don’t plan to have many reception activities going on.

Our officiant is not okay with wearing a microphone.

Our wedding day schedule is very tight and will be pretty fast-paced.

We care more for length of video rather than an artistic film.

Our wedding video will be more of a personal keepsake rather than a video to share online.

We want to see as much as possible of our wedding day on video.

If you answered “YES” to more of these then a Documentary Edit may be for you!


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