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So here goes nothing…

In the world of photography there is one tried and true way to not only add a voice to a group of photos but to really be able to tell a story with a series of images. If you don’t already know, Rachel Ann Media is not just me Rachel (insert nervous wave here) but is a team of awesome creatives who crash weddings for the free cake. Okay…not exactly…but pretty close. Our team consists of myself (hi again), my husband Roman, and our two awesome friends Oscar, and Steven. We have a dedicated photographer (myself), dedicated videographer and editor (Oscar) and two hybrids (Roman and Steven). I mean that in the sense of a hybrid photographer/videographer…not like a Liger or whatever other hybrid animals are out there now.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic here. So basically our reason for existing is to capture your wedding day through either photography or video in a way that can retell the story for years to come. Now, one of the things I’ve always procrastinated in getting a handle on is blogging. I recently sat down and gathered my thoughts over a nice snobby “hand poured” cup of coffee. I thought about our storytelling philosophy and compared it with what we currently do. I realized I was completely missing out on an entire avenue of storytelling by not blogging our weddings. Have no fear, this ends today! Alas! Our first blog is born!

My goal for this blog is to showcase the highlights of our weddings and tell a story through our photos. My hopes are to be a positive voice in the wedding industry and if I can give you a little laugh along the way then so be it. 😛

In other news, I am now taking bets as to how well I’ll be able to keep up with posting. 😉

Rachel Ann

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